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DeSean in DC
by Chris Russell
Apr 02, 2014 -- 1:20am

The Redskins and DeSean Jackson have struck a deal on a three year contract, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.

According to my buddy Mike Garafolo of FOX SPORTS, "it's apparently a whopper," of a three-year deal.

I'll have more thoughts on this in the morning, but the only way this is an acceptable deal in my eyes is if the contract is front-loaded to make Jackson happy and to minimize as much as possible the damage that is normally associated with mega deals after the lower cap value of a first year.

The other way is Jackson has to not gripe about his contract, not get in any trouble, not get benched or deactivated, not be a bad teammate and oh yeah, the Redskins need to win or at least make a Super Bowl to justify this kind of risk.

I know that is a lot, but I have top-shelf expectations if a player is going to come with this kind of risk. The Redskins are an organization that have chewed up a lot of free agents with a huge question mark hovering over them as they arrive.

Let me be clear about this. I am still opposed to this move, and nobody is going to convince me that this will work like a charm. It could work brilliantly for a year, but this is not a one-year trial or getting to know you period.

I hope it works for the Redskins. I just have little faith that it will. The writing is on the wall. DC does stand for "Drama City" as one ex-Redskins player used to say.

Sorry to be so negative, while you are drinking the kool-aid. I have heard from thousands of Redskins fans who already didn't like me. Having an opinion that is contrary to their vision has done nothing to make them like me. However, the best thing about this - only time will tell.

This is not on me. This is on DeSean to prove that Chip Kelly was wrong. To prove that the Eagles were wrong. To prove that  was wrong. To shut everyone up that has wrote column after column.

More importantly, this is on DeSean Jackson to prove that the Redskins were right. To prove that DeAngelo Hall and Robert Griffin III's faith in him as a talent and more importantly as a person was justified.

This is on DeSean Jackson to show you and prove to you EVERY DAY that Dan Snyder was justified for getting involved, and to Bruce Allen and Jay Gruden who made other decisions together before this - but THIS is how their new regime will be defined.

Good luck DeSean. You need it. It's all on you now.


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